Out of the Blue

MrsBlue and I have been on an extended classic movies kick lately, and TCM has been our most watched channel for a while now. For the month of August they are devoting each day to a different star's movies, and Saturday the station devoted 24 hours to the films of Charlie Chaplin. He's long been regarded as a genius, so I'm not proud to say I've only taken passing notice of his movies over the years. But getting to see a few of them in full was an eye-opening experience, as both his silent films and his talkies were shockingly great, even with his reputation raising expectations. I think it helps that modern restoration makes the silents look so much better, both by cleaning up the prints, and by presenting them in the proper framerate, as opposed to the oddly sped-up versions I remember from my childhood. A bonus discovery was Paulette Goddard, who was a great actress and a breathtaking beauty.

Silent Round-up
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