Aeon Must Die! Announcement Sparks Controversy

This Reveal Trailer offers a first look at Aeon Must Die!, a new beat-em-up game planned for release on Steam and consoles by the end of next year. As noted on USgamer, this has prompted accusations from those claiming to be part of the game's development of IP theft and "unbearable work conditions with endless crunch, harassment, abuse, corruption, and manipulation." This video has more on these claims. In response, a tweet from Focus Home Interactive has the following statement:
Focus Home Interactive has always praised and supported all our partner studios and the developers who compose the creative teams. We pride ourselves on treating our own employees and third party developers fairly and respectively and this will not change.

Focus home interactive was informed of serious allegations raised by some of the developers at Limestone who have worked on the creation of the video game a Aeon Must Die!.

These grievances are directed at Limestone, their direct employer.

As the publisher of this video game, Focus is carefully looking into these allegations and will draw the necessary conclusions if they are proved to be well-founded, and then take all appropriate measures.

No further comment will be shared until we have a clearer and complete view on this matter.