HAAK Announced

Publisher Lightning Games announces HAAK, a "post-apocalyptic retro metroidvania" in development at Blingame for release in Q3 of this year though Steam Early Access. Part of the hook to HAAK is a hook, as shown off in this Early Access Trailer. Word is: "Use your Energy Hook to swing, slash, and hack your way through a decrepit urban sprawl." Here's more:
Scour the rain-soaked dystopian future as you uncover the truth behind the mysterious organization pulling the city’s strings.

Set within the ruins of a decayed urban sprawl, you awaken with a multifunctional Energy Hook that allows you to swing from grappling points, hack enemy tech, and ward off both organic and cybernetic threats as you probe the wasteland. Controls are tight and responsive, offering snappy, tactical combat as you upgrade your arsenal to deal with the increasingly dangerous monstrosities that roam this ramshackle grotto.

As you explore this ruinous landscape you’ll encounter all manner of colorful characters, offering side quests and secrets. Only the most determined sleuths will uncover the full story of the ominous organization behind the veil. Do you have what it takes to rewrite the future?