We had severe winds around the blue tower today as part of the heavy storms we've had in the area for the past few days. This knocked out the power this afternoon, as well as all cell phone service, so we are pretty cut off right now. I had to drive several miles to get a very spotty internet connection with my phone to be able to make this update. But I wanted to let you know that it's extremely unlikely there will be an update this evening. Fact is, from the carnage on the roads to get here, it's very possible this outage will last into tomorrow. It is a treepocalypse out there, with trees hanging on power lines all over the place. There's no sign of any repairs in our immediate area at this point, so they may be concentrating on higher priorities for now. Sorry about the downtime, just wanted to let you know what was up. Hopefully things will be back to normal soon enough.