Lost and Hound Announced

Solo developer Daisy Ale Soundworks announces Lost and Hound, a canine adventure game where you play as an intrepid Corgi expected this year for PC on Steam. This boasts accessibility for the visually impaired, and for the sighted they provide this trailer to familiarize the concept. Here are the details:
Winner of multiple Perth awards for innovative gameplay and recipient of the prestigious Epic Megagrant, Lost and Hound follows Biscuit, the strong-willed scent tracking Corgi. As Biscuit players will solve mysteries, track down fleeing criminals or people that are lost, and help those in trouble.

As a fully blind-accessible sound-driven adventure, players in Lost and Hound will utilize Biscuit’s superior canine senses to track and piece together clues in order to solve crimes and help those in need. The plucky Corgi Biscuit has a serious talent for scent tracking, using innovative sound cues players will hear a low humming when Biscuit picks up a scent. Utilizing audio direction, players will hear sound cues coming from the direction that Biscuit needs to head in as well as a change in volume when Biscuit moves closer or farther away from her scent target.

In addition to her scent tracking, Biscuit is also adept at picking up sounds humans cannot. By listening through walls, hearing hushed conversations, and sussing out liars by hearing their heart rate increase, players will pick up clues to solve the case they’re on. Through scent tracking and her acute hearing, players will be able to solve crimes, find missing persons, and perform other real-world service dog tasks such as detecting oncoming seizures.

Throughout her travels, Biscuit will meet other animal companions that players will be able to take with them on missions. Each of Biscuit’s companions possesses different strengths which players can use to their advantage depending on the task at hand. Some examples of Biscuit’s companions are the protective Tigga who will guard Biscuit in areas where dangerous animals may be, and the slow and steady Gus who’s even more sensitive snout can lead the way on the rare occasions when Biscuit’s scent tracking isn’t up to sniff.

Players will be able to travel around the world with Biscuit the Corgi solving crimes, helping those in trouble or lost, assisting seizure sufferers, and even being an emotional support to zoo animals in Q4 2020. For more information on the award-winning Lost and Hound visit the official site here.

A list of features include:

  • Travel around the world working as the strong-willed Corgi Biscuit.
  • Solve crimes, track down missing people, and assist those in need.
  • Use your superior hearing to listen for accelerated heartbeats, hear through walls, and more to piece together clues.
  • Follow subtle scent clues with your heightened sense of smell represented by sound queues to track leads.
  • Take on the roles of real-world service dogs; assist with seizure detection, be an emotional support for zoo animals, and more.
  • Complete mini levels to earn extra money to fund your K9 travels.
  • Meet new animal friends throughout your travels.
  • Fully blind-accessible.