Out of the Blue

Well I may be getting my wish. The giant gang of ducks wandered around behind our house yesterday to coax me out of a little oatmeal. Before too long the lone goose came along and they all seemed very comfortable together. So my hopes that he would manage to make friends with the duckies and have some companions may be coming true. In an unusual development, the swans noticed the commotion at one point and swam over to see what the fuss was all about. They actually came up on shore, which had never happened over here before. The swan leader didn't seem to like the ducks, but he seemed satisfied to just menace them a little without actually chasing or biting anyone. But the oatmeal that the ducks savor so much held no interest for the swans, and with good reason. As big as they seem on the water, they are that much larger up close. The large one was probably all of four feet tall, so the little flakes of oatmeal probably didn't even register for him.

Obituary: Wilford Brimley, 'Cocoon' and 'The Natural' Actor, Dead at 85.

Suwannee River Round-up
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