Core Defense Released

Core Defense is now available on Steam, offering a roguelike tower defense game for Windows, macOS, and Linux. The game's modest 2D graphics are on display in the Launch Trailer, and the previously released Core Defense: Prelude is still available as a playable demo. The game actually launched earlier this year on, and solo developer/publisher ehmprah says this helped make improvements:
Core Defense reinvents the tower defense genre with roguelike and deckbuilding mechanics and delivers gameplay which is easy to learn but incredibly hard to master and beat all the way.

A prelaunch demo was released in March and well received by critics and players alike, with very positive reviews. Thousands of players wishlisted the full game on Steam and are looking forward to the full version.

"When I launched Core Defense on earlier this year, it was a good game. Thanks to the community and their invaluable feedback and ideas it now is an awesome game!" – Mario "ehmprah" Kaiser