Flight Catastrophe Announced

Trigger Labs announces Flight Catastrophe, a game that will trigger your fear of flying by putting you in charge of managing crises aboard passenger planes. As of now this is scheduled to take off on Steam on September 2, 2021. This trailer offers an early look at what to expect, ranging from simply extinguishing a fire, all the way through dealing with a hijacking attempt. Here are some details:
In Flight Catastrophe the player becomes the crisis management specialist, responsible for handling the life-threatening situations aboard the passenger plane. The game lets you experience a variety of aviation incidents set in difficult circumstances, when every second, and decision, matters.


  • Singleplayer campaign
  • Various types of missions: from fires to terror attacks
  • Realistic airplane models
  • Time-reversing mechanic, allowing you to try again after making a mistake
  • Resource and crew management
  • Unique passengers who can help during a crisis
  • Decision making with the consequences of your choices
  • Absolutely thrilling experience