Op Ed

  • GamesIndustry.biz - We don't need E3 anymore.
    "In fact, when comparing press coverage of further games revealed during last year's E3 with those announced during this year's summer, the result again shows that 2020's efforts have proven very fruitful. Taking that larger sample of titles, the average number of articles received in the first 72 hours from their announcement at E3 2019 per game is slightly down by 5% than games announced as part of an online event during this summer. It's also over a fifth lower than games announced without the use of one at all."
  • SuperData - AAA publishers are doing just fine without E3.
    "Big publishers don’t need E3 if they can generate hype through the promise of big announcements or other incentives to watch, but not all game makers can rely on this strategy. For example, the PC Gaming Show, which focuses mainly on a wide range of indie to midsize games, experienced lower live viewership on its official stream in 2020 than in 2019. Without the likelihood of headline-grabbing announcements, some viewers may not have felt it was worth tuning in when the event wasn’t already part of wall-to-wall E3 press conferences."