Eternal Return: Black Survival Open Beta

An open beta/demo for Eternal Return: Black Survival is now available on Steam, offering the chance to test this free-to-play anime survival/battle royale game. Daily testing is expected to continue until September 22nd, and all progress will be carried over when the game launches into Early Access in October. Here's a Beta Test Trailer, here's the testing schedule, and here are more details:
Eternal Return strives to be a totally different spin on genres that we’ve seen so many times now.

Matches will feature a combination of item searching, crafting, hunting, fishing, and, of course, PvP action.
You choose one character out of the several currently available from the Lumia Island universe and become a test subject fighting for your survival using the unique techniques and abilities your character possesses.

There are additional elements that bolster the strategy in this game, such as a special boss-like monster that will drop very rare items, surveillance cameras to help you spy on enemies, traps to take down the unsuspecting, cross-map teleportation devices, and more.