Ubisoft Releases Financials; Faces Lawsuit; Fires PR Director

Ubisoft's latest financial reporting is now online, covering the first quarter of their fiscal year 2020. These show record net bookings and record levels of engagement, despite how the company has been buffeted by recent allegations of misconduct and inappropriate behavior. These do not go unaddressed, as Yves Guillemot leads off the report further describing plans to change Ubisoft's culture. Word is: "It has also been decided that a portion of team leads' bonuses will be tied to their ability to create a positive and inclusive workplace environment." On a related topic, GamesIndustry.biz has word that French union Solidaires Informatique is preparing a collective lawsuit against Ubisoft over these allegations. Word is they've put out a call to victims to help build a case. On a final semi-related note, in a post on TwitLonger Stone Chin reveals he was terminated last week by Ubisoft from his position as associate public relations director. Chin got swept up in the ongoing Ubisoft scandal after being accused of sexually assaulting a woman in 2012. But he says his firing is not related to those allegations, as he was exonerated of wrongdoing by an investigation at the time. He explains that his removal was because he "failed to uphold the company’s code of conduct" over the course of his career. He does offer apologies in a couple of areas, including a failure to "understand the gender power dynamic." Here's a bit:
Separately, I was terminated by my employer last week. My employer told me that the reason for my termination was its conclusion that I have failed to uphold the company’s code of conduct over the course of my career at the company. My employer did not cite the allegation of sexual assault as a reason for my termination.

Specifically, it cited my management style, which it found consisted of passive aggressiveness, disrespectful language to former direct reports, and giving the cold shoulder to coworkers. My employer also cited incidents years ago when I asked two coworkers out on dates and when they declined, felt that I gave them a cold shoulder in response. I have not been given the full investigation report so I cannot speak directly about any findings made by my employer or its lawyer.

Regardless, I can see that my actions as a manager over the years while at the company have hurt people. It has been a time of reflection and self-examination over the past few weeks and I do recognize now there are emotional wounds that I’ve caused people.
For this, I am truly, profoundly sorry. I hope for the opportunity to speak to people individually to make amends.

I also acknowledge that I have failed to understand the gender power dynamic, particularly in the games industry. I have not always considered how my actions are received interacting with a woman in this industry, and I apologize for being ignorant to the many nuanced struggles women face every day. I will do better in this.