World War Z Dronemaster Update Adds Cross-Platform Support

This tweet announces that cross-platform support is now live in World War Z as part of the Dronemaster update that adds a new class and other new content to the zombie game. This allows players on PC and console to play together, though this option can also be turned off if you so desire. A new premium DLC called the Signature Weapons Pack is also now available. Here's a Dronemaster Update Trailer where Saber Interactive shows off the newness, and here's more on the news:
Full crossplay across all platforms has arrived! Invite your friends to your party no matter what they play on. If you for any reason prefer to not have crossplay, you can switch it off in the options.

A new player report system has been implemented, allowing you to report anyone who breaks our code of conduct, which you'll find in-game. You can find all the necessary details about this new feature in our blog post.

In addition, today’s update features a new rare weapon pick-up with its own upgrade tree for your armory: the ACW-20. This low-caliber, semi-automatic grenade launcher is perfect for mopping up tightly packed groups, but watch out for friendly fire! There’s also a variety of new weapon upgrades, perk rebalancing, fixes and quality-of-life improvements.

Finally, you can also grab World War Z’s latest premium DLC today: the “Signature Weapons Pack,” which includes four unique weapon skins for the game’s main characters. This DLC is included in the Season Pass and GOTY Edition. It is also available as a standalone purchase on PS4 and Xbox One.