SNES Doom-FX Source Code

The source code for Doom-FX for Super Nintendo is now available as an open source release on GitHub. As noted on DSOGaming, this version of the first-person shooter did not actually use the DOOM engine, it is based on the Reality Engine which was programmed by Randy Linden. There's an interesting article on Gamasutra from last year about the work that went into getting DOOM to run on the SNES. Here's a bit from that on the origins of this port:
The development was challenging for a few reasons, notably there were no development systems for the SuperFX chip at the time. I wrote a complete set of tools - assembler, linker and debugger - before I could even start on the game itself.

The development hardware was a hacked-up Star Fox cartridge (because it included the SuperFX chip) and a modified pair of game controllers that were plugged into both SNES ports and connected to the Amiga's parllel port. A serial protocol was used to communicate between the two for downloading code, setting breakpoints, inspecting memory, etc.