//HEX Early Access This Month

Solis Studios announces that Early Access to //HEX gets underway on July 31st on Steam. This is a hacking simulation where you attempt to rob banks using you 1337 cyber skills. If you want to take a crack at this before then, a playable demo was released last month. A new Official Gameplay Trailer celebrates the news, and more on the game follows:
In //HEX you will have to use your communication skills to bypass internet security measures, and successfully hack into the most secure banks. Play as Hacker –taking direction to disarm each protocol– or play as Control to relay instructions to your partner.

//HEX will be initially released in Early Access including 8 types of hacking puzzles and one type of tracer puzzle with a total of 3 currencies to transfer. As the development of the game advances, 14 different hacking puzzles, 4 different tracer puzzles and 4 different currencies will be added.


  • Use your communication skills to bypass internet security measures
  • Hack into the most secure banks.
  • Choose to take on the role as Hacker or Control.
  • 14 different hacking puzzles.
  • 4 different tracer puzzles
  • 4 different currencies (dollar, euro, pound and crypto).