Hearthstone Scholomance Academy Next Month

Blizzard announces Scholomance Academy, a new expansion for Hearthstone that will come to the deckbuilding game in Early August. This will introduce new Dual Class cards, a new keyword, and kick off the Year of the Phoenix Phase 2. Here's the Cinematic Announcement Video and they deal out some details: "Greetings, aspiring adept! We’re thrilled to welcome you to Scholomance Academy! Within the lofty halls of this fabled magic college, the (mostly) good Headmaster Kel’Thuzad and the rest of our faculty are here to guide the next generation of greats, from Warlocks to Warriors and everything between. We encourage the pursuit of double majors and offer a plethora of cross-over studies. Whatever flavor of major you favor, Scholomance has the training grounds to suit your needs!" They also announce today's release of a new version 17.6 patch for the game. They offer the Patch Notes along with word on how to collect two copies of a free card:
With today’s 17.6 patch all players can log in to receive two copies of the Epic Neutral minion, Transfer Student, for free!* Transfer Student has different effects based on which game board it’s played on, with 25 different effects in total, and can be slotted into your decks immediately!

*Limit two per account. Must log in by October 20 to claim.