The Tideshell Keeper Announced

The Tideshell Keeper is a point-and-click adventure coming to Steam in Q1 2022. This includes an unusual twist as one element of the game involves learning a new language. This is shown off along with other gameplay in this trailer. Here's a bit:
After listening to her grandma's mad stories about the coming of a giant wave, Noon, takes her submarine fishing. Unfortunately, she gets her submarine stuck underneath a drifting city and finds herself helplessly lost at sea in an attempt to find her way back to home. Noon discovers that there might be more to her grandmother's rambling tale about destruction and tidal waves and that she might have the only key to stopping the destruction, a mythical tideshell.

Follow Noon as she travels through a thousand year old thunderstorm, visits a dried out lake in a desert where fish still swim at Night, and explores a sunken city that drifts with the currents.