More on Ubisoft's Culture

The Libération Website has an investigation into allegations of sexual harassment at Ubisoft that have lead to recent suspensions and departues amid promises to change their culture. Reading this directly requires overcoming a couple of obstacles, as it's written in French and sits behind a paywall. A report on links to a series of tweets translating portions of the article and offering some translations of their own. The article states that some leaders within Ubisoft consider this a "witch hunt" resulting in backlash against female staff. There are also several graphic stories describing a toxic culture at the company, and how management has resisted efforts to change this over the years. Word is Ubisoft Montreal's HR department is now pressuring the CEO to absolve them of responsibility for this:
According to Eurogamer's own translation, the piece claims the head of HR at Ubisoft Montreal has threatened to quit with half his team unless Ubisoft boss Yves Guillemot makes a public statement absolving them of any responsibility for the toxic culture there.