Rocket Arena Season One This Month

Rocket Arena is due for release next week on July 14th, and today EA and Final Strike announce that season one will kick off in their hero shooter just two weeks after that on July 28th. This post has details on the season and the Live Service they say is at the core of the game's design. They accompany this with a new Heroes of Crater Trailer and a World of Crater from a couple of days ago. Here's word:
Starting July 28, Season 1 will follow our heroes as they take part in the famous Rocket Arena Championship Tour. Previous champions and new competitors alike will battle it out across the World of Crater. Each of the heroes have their own personal motivations to win the Tour Trophy, their drive reflects on their personality, backstory, and passions. Jayto won last year’s tournament on an ‘accidental rocket’, so he hopes to prove himself while his home region, Boom City, hosts the opening ceremonies of the Season 1 tour.

This summer, Season 1 takes the Championship Tour to new lands introducing our first major in-game event, which will bring new maps, and daily and weekly challenges. Over 10 new playlists will be introduced, representing Rocket Arena’s Social, PVE, and Ranked Modes. Season 1’s final major event will launch this fall and again you’ll see the same level of new content introduced to Rocket Arena as in the first event.