Twitch Call of Duty Content Drops

The Activision Blog has word on how Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone players can earn drops by watching streams of the military shooter on Twitch. You'll have the chance to get the Censory Overload spray, a Love the Bomb emblem, and a Bloodstream assault rifle weapon blueprint. Here's all you have to do once you've linked your Call of Duty and Twitch accounts:
Then, you’ll need to head to Twitch and get a look at the streamers who are playing Modern Warfare including Warzone in the Modern Warfare category. On drop eligible streams you’ll see a callout that “drops are enabled”, so you know you are officially watching and earning. From there, click the stream and enjoy the gameplay.

You can watch multiple streamers or one stream but as long as they are “drop eligible” your total watch time will be tallied up, so you can earn rewards.