Steam News Hub Changes

Valve announces they are getting set to officially roll out the new Steam News Hub after tinkering with it as one of their Steam Labs Experiments. In this post they explain a few refinements they are implementing to make this feature more user-friendly:
Updated Navigation
Some of the biggest changes in this update address how the News Hub is organized and how you navigate around. The menu on the left (which was previously a long list of checkboxes) now focuses on switching between major preset views and gives us space to add more preset views in the future. The filters for excluding certain types of events or certain sources has moved into a secondary menu. The left bar still includes a game search field for quickly finding news about a specific game.

Upcoming Events Get A Dedicated Section
To make it easier to find and follow upcoming events, these events now have their own separate view, which you may access through a streamlined menu on the left. Your default view still includes a few upcoming items at the top to keep you informed of events for your favorite games.

New: Featured Events
We're also working on expanding the ways of discovering popular events happening across the entire Steam catalog. We've started with the addition of a "Featured" section, which currently includes posts from the top 100 selling games on Steam. But we plan to keep fine-tuning this section to include popular events from a broader variety of games as well as hand-picked events that our curation team here at Valve selects to highlight.

Updated Game News Hub
The layout of individual game news hubs has also been updated to make it easier to identify the game area, and provide quick access links to the game’s store page, community, and more. This also cleans up the individual news items in this view so you don't have to see the game name listed again on every single post.

Mobile Friendly
Work on the mobile format of the Steam News Hub continues, as we know many of you are likely to explore this content while away from your desk. This means a new navigation mode for switching between sections of the news hub, quick access to the game search, and better mobile formatting for legibility.