PUBG Discord Reporting System

A post on Reddit discusses how cheating in PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS can be reported through the official Discord for the battle royale shooter (thanks PCGamesN). Just bear in mind that snitches get stitches. Here's how this works:
Cheating is a problem that affects the entire community. The problem requires a holistic solution of game design changes, automated systems, and player reporting. While we will continue to invest significant resources internally, we also receive kind and heartfelt requests from players who want to do their part to improve the PUBG player community. With those players in mind, we are announcing the Community Anti-Cheat Initiative, a specific channel in Discord which gives players the ability to submit reports via the PUBG Discord. This channel will be opened soon after the application period closes - read on for more info on how to apply.

Is this a replacement for in-game reporting?
No. In-game reporting systems will always be the most efficient means to report players. These systems train our machine learning algorithms and are critical to ensuring efficient automated banning. However, even with the best automated systems, with millions of players some slip through the cracks. Although Community Anti-Cheat will be less efficient in terms of quantity, it is a more efficient way to ensure that players like this are identified.