Viking Vengeance This Year

It's starting to feel like Vikings are the new zombies, isn't it? Romanian developer Lowpoly Interactive announces Viking Vengeance, "a narrative-driven rogue-lite dungeon crawler in which you use the power of the Gods to stop the Templar Oppression." This is planned for release on Steam in Q3 of this year. Inspired by Norse mythology, word is "the game takes place in an alternate history with many twists and new mechanics within a lowpoly cartoonish world." This video shows off what they mean. Here's a description:
An ARPG with Gods and rogue-lite elements.
Turn into avatars of Gods during battles and wield Thor’s hammer, use Loki's mischief skills or Odin's power to crush your enemies.


  • Worship Norse Gods to earn their aid in battle and become their avatar.
  • Use Idol Statues and collect rune stones to receive more God Skills.
  • Unique level up system with a variety of skills, talents and items.
  • 2 different Afterlife paths to choose from when you die.
  • Execute enemies to restore your health or gain extra blood.
  • Use the environment and game physics in your favor.