Out of the Blue

The tendinitis in my arm seems to have made a pretty significant improvement since I started trying to remedy the situation. I wear a wrist brace and a tennis elbow strap when using the computer, have tried to moderate my extended gaming sessions, and use a heat wrap for a little added therapy. As a result my chronic discomfort has all but disappeared, to the point where I sometimes realize I'm using the computer without using my braces. This is in contrast to when I first got them and discomfort from typing would remind me right away if I forgot to put them on. I am very happy to be experiencing relief at this point, and I'm going to continue with all these treatments for the foreseeable future, as I have no interest in re-aggravating the situation.

Obituary: Mary Kay Letourneau, teacher jailed for raping student she later married, dies at 58.

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