Death Crown Demonic Menace in November

CO5MONAUT announces a November release for Demonic Menace, new DLC for Death Crown, their minimalist real-time strategy game where you play as Death. On a related note, the game is currently on sale on Steam for half-off. This trailer shows off the new DLC, which continues the game's throwback monochromatic style. Here's word on what the Demonic Menace holds:
The King has fallen. The people suffered a crushing defeat in the war against the Death. But not all of them were ready to come to terms with this situation. The group of King's Warlocks decided to avenge the Queen of Death for their humiliation. They opened an ancient portal and summoned hordes of demons to help.

Lead the Demon invasion and go down to the giant Undead's Dungeons to face Death.

  • New Game Faction - Demons
  • New Campaign - DEMONIC MENACE
  • New Map - Undead's Dungeons
  • New Terrain - Dungeons
  • New Landscape Features - spike traps and chests
  • 21 New Mission
  • 4 New Bosses (with new mechanics)
  • 5 New Epic Cutscenes