Slitherine Turns 20

Slitherine Software is celebrating their 20th anniversary, as Wikipedia states this developer was founded by Iain McNeil in the UK on June 25, 2000 (the first mention of them here was a year later when they announced development of Legion). There's a letter to mark the occasion and thank fans on the Slitherine Forums. Here's word:
Our first fans were our friends and foes. Wargame players we would meet at DBM tournaments, miniatures painters, diorama makers, the guys we would see for a pint after crushing their Seleucid armies over the weekend.

It was a small venture, full of familiar faces. It was three of us running a company from our bedrooms and making a game we really wanted to play. That game was Legion. It put us on the map, sold hundreds of thousands of copies, and won us Indie Developer Awards in 2000: twenty years ago.

There is no fast forward to now because this is the time for us to stop and thank every single fan, player, partner, and colleague that we met along the way. We are lucky enough to have survived twenty years of videogames, which is an achievement on its own. Keeping to our original mission to create games that would appeal to wargamers, we very seldom drifted away from that track and never by much. We keep making strategy wargames that are deep and have a soul; we keep trying to find new fans with our roots running deep in our history’s soil.

The whole idea of Slitherine started with a dinosaur’s game for Game Boy, would you believe. It was the prehistory of videogames when things were so different and so much the same. Working from home was a necessity of a different kind, and business was a different kind of tough. Our quarterly meetings of five of us in JD’s war room were the only chances to talk and shake hands and see each other: three pizzas were more than enough to feed the whole company for lunch. They are not even sufficient for the PR department now.

In these twenty years, we faced challenges, we built solid foundations and almost saw them crumble, we made bad choices, and we made great ones. We found real friends and made some rivals. We launched good products and even terrible ones. When things got tough, we grew up and rose to the next level.

Today Slitherine and Matrix Games are facing unprecedented growth, and opportunities are growing on low branches like never before. We put on a few years, but we look forward to the future with confidence and a promise to keep making games for strategy lovers and never forget where and how it all started.

Thank you, everyone, for coming along on this journey with us.