Road Z : The Last Drive in August

Moose Games announces Road Z : The Last Drive, saying their debut project is coming to Steam on August 21st. This is an action game where you are on a cross-country road trip to deliver a zombie vaccine to Washington. Naturally this involves hordes of zombies that you dispatch by mowing them down with your vehicle or with a variety of mounted weapons. You can also break the Interstate 76 rule and get out of the car to scavenge for supplies, which naturally involves taking out more of the walking dead along the way. This is all shown off in this teaser trailer and outlined further in the announcement:
In a world surrounded by zombies. Doctor Lactus puts in your possession a vaccine that can save the world, you must cross the United States by car to bring this vaccine to the laboratory in Washington.

Collect hardware by hitting zombies to upgrade your cars. Upgrade the motor, the fuel tank, the armor, add and upgrade a nitro bottle, a turret and flamethrower. Also, explore the surrounding to loot hardware.