The Night Fisherman on Steam; Sequel Next Month

The Night Fisherman is now available on Steam after this debuted on for free last month. Here's word on this short narrative experience from Far Few Giants: "This is a single, film-like scene. You direct the fisherman's actions, as well as directing the camera shots between the cinematic angles available." This deals with issues of violence and racism, and was part of the Bundle for Racial Justice that raised over $8 million. Word is a sequel is in the works to be released next month: "A sequel to The Night Fisherman is currently being developed by Far Few Giants and is set to release in July. You can follow the progress of the future short games on the Far Few Giants storefront or by following them on Twitter." Here's a Launch Trailer and here's word:
The Night Fisherman is the first of twelve short narrative experiences to be released by developers Far Few Giants. This short but impactful story is set upon the stunning shores of the British coastline. The tranquil backdrop contrasts starkly with this tale of eerie confrontation between man and inhumanity.

Game features

  • Intense maritime story set in the English channel.
  • Surreal, beautiful seascape.
  • Choose your fate: will you get out of this alive?
  • Cinematic experience where you direct the camera.
  • Surging orchestral soundtrack by Richard Campbell.
  • An homage to one of cinemas greatest scenes
  • Roughly 5-10 minutes in length.