Torchlight III Early Access Begins

Steam now offers Early Access to Torchlight III, the new Windows installment in the action/RPG series. This sequel is set 100 years after the events in Torchlight II. A lot has happened since then, including the end of the free-to-play business model for the series and the addition of a new developer following the closure of Runic Games. This post has details on the launch and an evaluation of the state of the game. Here's an Early Access Launch Trailer and here's a bit:
First off and foremost, we want to thank the community of Alpha and Closed Beta testers who provided incredible support and feedback to our team. Your bug reports and countless hours playing the game continues to make it a better experience for all of the Torchlight community. At Echtra, we believe in listening to our fans to improve the game, and with our tester’s help we made several major changes over the last 18 months - including renaming the game and changing the business model. For those of you who are just joining us and are interested in the game’s development, check out our previous blog posts and Twitch streams.

As we progress through Early Access on our way to Launch, we will provide a regular State of the Game update. This first update is unique in that it focuses less on “what’s changing?” and more on “what is this game?” For many players, this is the start of their journey with Torchlight 3, and we welcome you! Hopefully, this post helps catch everyone up on what’s in Torchlight 3.