STAR WARS Squadrons Reveal Monday

A post on ResetEra shows an ad that was spotted on the Microsoft store for a game called STAR WARS Squadrons, showing some Rebel and Empire pilots and spacecraft and a caption saying "pilots wanted." This was quickly pulled, but naturally prompted some speculation. EA responded quickly to the leak, however, tweeting the same image along with a YouTube Link to where they will debut an official reveal trailer on Monday. Since any story is more fun with some rumors, VentureBeat chimes in with word that this is EA/Motive's Star Wars game that will come to PC and consoles this autumn. They cite "sources familiar with the game’s production" saying it is a space combat featuring iconic Star Wars vessels. They say it will feature a single-player campaign, but the emphasis is on multiplayer team battles. Here's EA's tweet on the topic:
Pilots Wanted. Tune in for the reveal trailer of #StarWarsSquadrons this Monday, June 15th at 8:00 AM Pacific Time: