New Far Cry Reveal Next Month?

There's an unconfirmed rumor on Gamereactor saying the Ubisoft Forward event on July 12 will feature an unveiling of the next Far Cry game (thanks VG247). They say the game news will please those who found the North American setting of Far Cry 5 too mundane:
The final game set to launch before April (unless Ubisoft decides that this is the game that has to be delayed because of Covid-19 and there being too many AAA releases in a fairly short window) is another Far Cry. I'm not going to ruin all of Ubisoft's plans by giving you all the information, but it's safe to say that those of you who didn't like Far Cry 5's North American setting will probably find this one a bit more interesting when it gets officially unveiled in Ubisoft Forward on July 12 - or leaked if the company decides to save it for later.