Craftopia Closed Alpha

Japanese indie developer Pocketpair announces Craftopia, a multiplayer survival/action game they plan on bringing to Early Access on Steam in July. They are getting set to conduct closed alpha testing, and if this interests you, this tweet explains how you can enter the lottery to be one of the participants. Here's an Official Trailer showing off the game, and here's a description:
Craftopia is the brand new multiplayer open-world survival action game.

We have imagined what would happen when we combine our favorite video games altogether.
Chop trees and mine stones as in Sandbox,
Explore the world as in Open-world,
Fight the hunger as in Survival,
Cultivate and harvest as in Farming,
Collect loots in dungeons as in Hack-and-slash,
Automate activities as in Factory management,
Hunt monsters and creatures as in Hunting action,
Cast magical spells as in Fantasy RPG.

Now we have a utopia for all of us. That is Craftopia.