Ninja Simulator Announced

Publisher PlayWay announces Ninja Simulator, the latest in their seemingly endless supply of (Noun) Simulator games is coming soon to Steam. They do not indicate if there are plans for this to sneak in any integration with their upcoming Samurai Simulator. Here's a trailer and here's a bit:
Be like a ghost
Silence is your ally. Darkness is your most trusty friend. Use them to get close to your enemies, so they will never even see your blade cutting them into pieces.

Take on impossible challenges
For a true ninja warrior there is no such thing like an impossible challenge. Three enemies, seven, maybe an army? What is your definition of impossible?

Sneaking Around
There are over twenty words for sneaking in the Ninja's vocabulary. He knows even more ways to stay unnoticed by the guards. In the game you’ll use all of them. You’ll also have a variety of malee weapons at your disposal, which will help you in resolving problems in different ways.

Eliminate Enemies
Perfection is the most important skill of a ninja. Perfection in combat. Perfection in planning. Perfection in execution. Without it, you will be punished for every mistake.