Sentimental K Early Access

Early Access to Sentimental K is now available on Steam, offering a 3D action/roguelike from Korean developer Fordays. They say the Early Access version already contains most of the game's planned features. A Gameplay Trailer shows this in action, helping you to decide if this is a Special K or just OK. Here's the announcement:
Sentimental K is a video game that integrates dynamic and intuitive 3D action with Rogue-like genre which adds freshness every gameplay in an attempt to challenge the new genre. Players can combine five types of weapons, eighty skills, and a hundred artifacts in various ways to enjoy battles, stylish action, and to defeat stages.

As you play the game, new weapons, skills, and artifacts will become available for more diverse combinations. Particularly, due to the nature of the Rogue-like genre, every gameplay is different based on the choice. Moreover, the visual and the play experience of 3D action will provide a whole new entertainment. Players will be able to play three Acts which is prepared with sixty-nine unique stages. As players complete the game, the more challenging elements await. Also, there are various entertaining elements including fifty distinct events, twenty disciplines, and seventy achievements