Out of the Blue

I thought my virtual doctor's appointment yesterday went quite well. This was finally a follow-up on our physicals from a few months ago so it made sense for a teleconference just to discuss test results. We did not like the doctor who did our original checkups, but MrsBlue and I liked the new doctor a lot, so we will stick with her. This will be my first female doctor, which I'm imagining will make the more intimate aspects of my next in-person check both more and less awkward. I can definitely see why many of you said that this is probably the future of medicine. Some consultations with a doctor just require conversation, so it will save everyone time, effort, and exposure to illness to avoid office visits when they are unnecessary. As an example, even via video she was able to confirm my self-diagnosis of tendonitis. She says the wraps I bought to help with this were the right move, and suggested a heating pad as an additional treatment.

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