GWENT Master Mirror Expansion This Month

The GWENT Website now offers preorders of Master Mirror, a new expansion coming to GWENT: The Witcher Card Game. This Gaunter O'Dimm-themed add-on will be released on June 30th. CD PROJEKT RED outlines what this will add, including new cards, new mechanics, and the evolution of existing cards. Here's an Expansion Trailer and here's more:
He’s always been there, quietly pulling at fate’s strings, his evil touch creeping its way into key events in the Continent’s history. From the Empire of Nilfgaard, to the Northern Realms, to the isles of Skellige and beyond, his influence knows no bounds. You may be tempted to try to defy the diabolical trickster, but in the end all will play by his rules and all will bend to his will. He is Master Mirror, and it is he who decides how the story plays out.