Wira & Taksa Against the Master of Gravity Demo

Peruvian developer 3S Design announces Wira & Taksa Against the Master of Gravity, an action/platformer coming to Windows. The game is not due until Q3 of this year, but its Steam Listing already includes a playable demo to sample right now. This trailer shows off the game's 2.5D design and gameplay where inverting gravity takes the place of jumping. Here's word:
Levels aren’t easy to get through since the universe is made by traps, enemies and many jigsaws. For this reason, the game is designed so you can complete it using the two character (Wira and Taksa).

If you use both characters balancedly, the player will be capable of going through each level and free the pacific planet Nun from the spell of the mischievous Master of Gravity.

Wira & Taksa Against the Master of Gravity is played in an orthogonal perspective but it’s entirely built in 3D. Each level contains parts which turn 90 degrees to the right so players can discover and explore new areas hidden at first sight.