The Commission 1920 Remaster Announced

A Steam Listing is now live for The Commission 1920, Developer 302 Interactive's planned remake of The Commission, their organized crime grand strategy game for Windows and macOS. This recent post announces the extremely short turnaround for this project, as the original game was released under two years ago. They do not make it clear at this time if owners of the first version will have to pay for the second. Here's a bit on the remaster plan:
The Commission 1920 will be released with a number of improvements and new features. Rackets (illegal activities which generate profit) and traits have been rebalanced, with some new ones to discover!

Want to dig up some dirt on other families? You can now gain intel on opposing families and target enemy units for assassination or recruitment. You can also reward units for their hard work by assigning titles, granting benefits, but also fueling the jealousy of their disloyal peers.

Caporegimes are the direct subordinates of the Don, and are in charge of recruiting your family’s forces. You can manage their unique agendas to keep the cash flowing!

In The Commission 1920, the Commission ranking system has been completely reworked! The families of New Shore are now ranked among mafia families from across the country. Those who manage to stand out among the 14 families will reap the benefits. Strive to be the boss of all bosses, and solidify your legacy within mafia history!