Out of the Blue

Frans continues his impressive work on the site as we roll out another new tweak today. This is another improvement to our Twitter account which we've changed a bit in recent times to increase its usefulness for followers. At one point this just posted most of our headlines, but was refined to show a more select group of stories and include some of the text. With the latest change we go hurtling headlong into the noughties with the addition of hashtags to our tweets. I know right? We're totally keeping up with the Kardashians on our way to dominating social media. Anyway, a big thank you to Frans for working this out, and here's hoping some of you find this enhancement useful. #socialmedia #hashtag #hashbrowns

Obituary: Christo Dead: Famed Sculptor Dies of Natural Causes at 84.

Thanks Ant and Neutronbeam.


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