Call of Duty: Warzone Adds Duos

A tweet from Call of Duty has long-awaited news for Call of Duty: Warzone players. Along with an image, the one word tweet simply says "Duos." So the free battle royale shooter finally offers support for playing as two-player teams. In a follow-up tweet they humorously ask "Who are you carrying this weekend?" A post on the Activision Blog has more, including strategy tips. Here's the overview:
In Duos, you and your partner drop into Verdansk with Battle Royale rules. If you are unfamiliar with Battle Royale, read our Mode Recon on it here.

You can either bring a buddy into the Warzone, or squad up with a random player. Once your duo readies up, participates in the pre-game lobby, and drops into Verdansk safely, your mission is to outlast all the other rival pairs of Operators.

If your duo goes down, you can revive them before they bleed out and lose their loadout. Doing so will save them a trip to the Gulag, where they will fight in a 1v1 to earn their right back into the game.

If they die in the Gulag, or perish when they return from it, you can still buy them back at a Buy Station.

While you loot and hunt around Verdansk, the circle collapse will limit the playable area, forcing squads to fight until only one remains. The last duo standing – even if only one of that squad is alive – wins the game.