Beatdown Brawler Early Access

Steam now offers Early Access to Beatdown Brawler, an offbeat wave-based fighting game for Windows. Actually offbeat is not the correct term, as this features a surprising amount of dancing as well as a rhythm mode option. You can see this in action in this trailer and read on for more details:
Beatdown Brawler is a zany 3d fighting game featuring four action packed game modes.

Key features

  • Adventure in career mode or play in custom levels where you can pick individual songs and difficulty levels.
  • Select from one of five difficulty levels to maximize replay value.
  • Play as one of three heroes initially, with the ability to unlock a fourth hero through gameplay.
  • Strategic gameplay featuring chi, heavy attacks, dodges, blocks, combinations, and special abilities.
  • Play one of four distinct game modes: Traditional, Tournament (1 vs. 1), Survival (Endless), or Rhythm based.
  • Optional Rhythm mode of gameplay penalizes actions that are not performed on beat.
  • Optional Survival mode allows an endless gameplay that continually escalates in difficulty until the player is defeated.
  • Optional traps add an additional level of challenge.