PC Kingdom Under Fire: Heroes This Summer

Blueside announces Kingdom Under Fire: Heroes is headed to PCs this summer on Steam, a mere 15 years after the release of the action/RTS game for Xbox. This is the sequel to the Xbox cult hit Kingdom Under Fire: The Crusaders, updated with PC controller support and modernized graphics. Here's what to expect:
Building on the foundation laid by The Crusaders, Kingdom Under Fire: Heroes delivers another seven campaigns of challenging hybrid RTS/action, all backed by a thundering heavy metal soundtrack.

Set in parallel with the original Crusaders storyline, players control seven new generals in Heroes, including the half-vampire Leinhart, massive ogre warlord Urukubarr and the half-elf warrior Ellen. Wade into battle as your chosen leader while simultaneously commanding your army, now including powerful new elemental creatures to command.

Kingdom Under Fire: Heroes blends brutal hack n’ slash action, intense real-time tactical planning and RPG-style customisation of your hero and army. While the hero always leads the charge, players have plenty of opportunity to buy upgrades for their troops and customize what unit types are brought to the field.

The full list of features include:

  • The classic RTS/Action hybrid gameplay from The Crusaders returns, refined and improved. Burn enemies out of forests with flaming arrows, order cavalry charges with the sun at their backs and claim the high ground for an edge in battle.
  • Seven new campaigns, seven new playable heroes, fifty missions to conquer and thousands of troops to lay waste to.
  • Clash with and command powerful new elemental monsters, including Fire Wraiths, Ice Maidens, Thunder Rhinos and Earth Golems.
  • New randomly generated missions for endless replay value.
  • See a familiar story play out from unexpected new angles, with both Human Alliance and Dark Legion campaigns leading up to and threaded through the battle for Bersia.
  • Keyboard and mouse support - a new method of controlling the battlefield is available to PC players.
  • Full modern Gamepad support.
  • HD Resolution support including ultra-wide monitors.
  • The classic Xbox experience as you remember it, authentic and pin-sharp on PC.