System Shock Demo

A playable Windows demo for System Shock is now available, providing the chance to sample the upcoming action/RPG/shooter remake in the works at Nightdive Studios. You can find the demo on and Steam. So you've got to ask yourself one question: 'Do I feel lucky? ' Well do ya, cyberpunk? Here's word:
Today is a huge day for fans of the beloved sci-fi action-adventure title System Shock, as Nightdive Studios is making available a brand-new demo of their remake on and Steam. Return to Medical Bay with all of System Shock’s unlockable weapons for the first time!

Grab the demo now and return to the cyberpunk world of 2072 and get a first-hand look at Nightdive’s reimagining of the classic, which adds a new look and feel to the game, but retains all the classic stylings, story, and gameplay of the original.