Minimal Move Moves Into Early Access

Co-op puzzle game Minimal Move is now available in Early Access for Windows on Steam. Shades of Atlas and P-Body, as this involves a pair of robots working to solve problems together. Here's the Early Access Launch Trailer and here's more:
The adventure starts when two space investigators, KAITEN and IDO, land on a mysterious planet in a mission to find out a secret about their planet.
Move blocks in 3 dimensions and reach the portal!

The current Early Access version will offer the first 3 worlds with the core gameplay mechanic. New contents will be added during the early access such as cinematics, skin system, and new puzzles.

Key feature:

  • COOPERATE WITH OR WITHOUT: Minimal Move is playable in solo or in cooperative mode. We highly recommend playing with two!
  • BE A PART OF AN ADVENTUROUS STORY!: Minimal Move is a story driven puzzle game that takes place in a wonder science fiction world.
  • EXPLORE DIFFERENT WORLD!: Each world will have different types of blocks for playing the puzzle in new ways.
  • MEET FUN AND DANGEROUS CHARACTERS!: In addition to the main characters Kaiten and Ido, there will be funny but maybe dangerous monsters and robots coming your way!
  • SMASH EACH OTHER: Ido and Kaiten can smash each other! Be careful and enjoy smashing! But don’t hate each other!
  • MINIMAL MOVE TO GET STARS!: New scoring system is adding the puzzle more challenging! Get 3 stars with your minimal move!