Out of the Blue

As I mentioned the other day, Frans has been busy renovating the search function for news and the forums here. If you are curious, here's a recap of what's changed to help make this more useful going forward. First off he fixed a recently introduced bug that made some searches fail outright. He also eliminated the use of a stoplist that prevented certain terms from affecting results, and removed a limitation that would not search for three-letter words. The result is that most searches of the news and forums actually return the meaningful results you would expect, which wasn't really the case before. He also did a great job of improving the presentation of news search results. The headlines are now blue like they are in the news, and the search terms are bold and yellow. The term you searched for is presented as a hyperlink and failed searches now also helpfully list your search terms for clarity. Finally following a suggestion and a coding suggestion from Kxmode, the URL of your results includes the data to save or share the results (for example). I know the fixes and improvements have proven very beneficial for me, and we hope this turns out to be helpful for some of you as well.

Obituary: Hall of Fame coach Jerry Sloan passes away at 78.

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