ShellShock Live Version 1.0 Live

Version 1.0 of ShellShock Live is now live on Steam. marking the conclusion of Early Access for the Windows, macOS, and Linux editions of this 2D multiplayer tank game from dsolo developer Kyle Champ. The console editions of the game will soon reach version 1.0 as well. They say the game has now sold more than two million copies across all platforms, an impressive milestone considering its humble beginnings as a Flash game. Here's the Version 1.0 Official Trailer and this post has all the details on the new version. Here's an overview of the new features:

  1. Play 10 brand new bonus missions in single-player mode.
  2. Try out 7 new weapons, 2 new items, and a new Vortex game mode.
  3. Explore the custom Scenario Editor to make your own maps, add enemies and obstacles – and test out your creation.
  4. Enjoy tons and tons of more goodies to celebrate the 1.0 milestone!