Veterans Online Released

Veterans Online is now out of Early Access and in full launch on Steam, offering a free-to-play PvP shooter played from a top-down bullet-hell perspective. Here's the Release Trailer and here's word on the game and its Twitch integration:
Veterans Online is an online multiplayer shooter that thrusts players into a theatre of 5v5 warfare as soldiers rain down hell on the battlefield with guns galore. Teamwork and an arsenal of techniques such as a well-placed mine or a perfectly tossed grenade (among many other lethal options at their disposal) will be key in outsmarting the opposition. Featuring three game modes, this twin-stick shooter requires players to use rapid reflexes and sharpshooting, alongside co-operative team play to climb up the online leaderboard for the title of Ultimate Veteran. Characters are fully customizable with a selection of skins, taunts, tags, and mounts, so all contenders can show off at the gun show!

Veterans Online launches with Twitch integration on daily missions, whereby players can choose whether to play & stream or watch a streamer perform missions, to earn in-game currency which can be used to buy upgrades for their characters. Missions are designed so that even smaller streamers can benefit, as each mission guarantees a fair distribution of viewers for everyone.