Project Genesis Early Access

Khaaaaaan! Early Access to Project Genesis is now underway on Steam, offering the first crack at this team-based PvP shooter for Windows. Here's word on how developer 8 Circuit Studios is rewarding those who are part of the game's genesis: "To recognize early adopters for their support during the game’s development, the Project Genesis team is offering an exclusive Founders Pack only available to Early Access supporters. Once Project Genesis releases to general access, the Founder’s pack will no longer be available. The pack contains a Founders insignia badge that can be displayed on ships and inside assault pods, as well as unlocking special ship and avatar customization palettes upon purchase. The Founders pack will also contain a special skin, in-game credits, and a remastered version of the Project Genesis original soundtrack when the game officially releases in late 2020." Here's the Early Access Launch Teaser and here's more on the game:
Offering a novel twist to fast paced sci-fi combat games, Project Genesis encourages players to choose between frenetic third person space battles and first person combat in the same match. Third person space combat uses a “free look” system that allows players to aim and shoot in a different direction than they are traveling, which is distinct from other space combat games that use a more airplane-like control scheme. According to the team, it is a flight model that is designed for FPS players to quickly pick up and play.

From ships and battle craft, players launch one-man assault pods to perform the risky and aggressive “breach and board” tactic. This maneuver seamlessly transitions the player from third person to first person combat modes by tearing through the hulls of giant capital ships or piercing the defenses of industrial space outposts.