Volcanoids Co-op Update

A post on Steam announces a new update is available for Volcanoids adding co-op support to Volcanoid's eponymous steampunk first-person game of base-building and survival (thanks PC Gamer via Phlegm). They celebrate the major update by putting the game on sale for 25% off. Word is: "From now on you will be able to crew up with up to 3 other friends to commandeer drillships, scavenge, build, fight and survive together! Apart from the new co-op mode, there are also new worktables, bunk beds, items, and other improvements we made based on your feedback." Here's a Co-op Update Release Trailer and here's more:
To play the new co-op mode all you need to do is choose one person that will be hosting the game and take on the role of the crew captain - ideally, the one that has the strongest PC, since it has to manage everything. Once the game starts, others can join through the "join game" screen and start playing. Quests are completely synchronized within the crew, so everyone can take part in managing the drillship systems, fighting COGs, or gathering resources.

For now, the crew can own only own one drillship but that will change in future updates. Crew captain is the only person that can save/load the game. If the captain decides to end the game, it will also disconnect all the other players. Any new player that joins the game will spawn directly to the drillship, or into the submarine in case the crew has not claimed one yet (or lost one).