Field of Glory: Empires Gets Persia 550 - 330 BCE DLC

Persia 550-330 BCE is now available as the first DLC for Field of Glory: Empires, Slitherine and AGEOD's historical 4X grand strategy game. This is available on or Steam, and requires the base game on the respective service to play. All the details can be found on the Slitherine Website and the short version follows:
This DLC showcases the lightning-fast ascension of Persia from a humble kingdom to one of the largest empires history has ever known. Initially, as Cyrus the Great, you’ll have to overthrow powerful neighbors, like Media, your former liege, Ancient Babylon and its mighty cities, or Lydia, ruled by Croesus, a man rich beyond dreams.
But that’s not all, as Athens and Sparta are vying for supremacy over the Hellenes world, and soon the Aechemenid Empire and the western nations will be on a collision course. These three have a low chance to stay at peace for long, so be always on the lookout for opportunities.

If you prefer to play as the underdog, a certain modest city in Italy might perhaps be a surprising contender. Or perhaps the young city of Carthage, its new empire still far from assured. Opportunities abound!