Just Die Already Announced

DoubleMoose announces Just Die Already, a wacky sandbox game involving the madcap antics of senior citizens. This is from the designer of Goat Simulator, which is readily apparent from the Announcement Trailer which shows the same kind of disregard for realism in physics and gameplay. Here's a Steam Listing which shows you'll be able to start messing with the olds this summer. Here's more on this game of elder abuse, saying a demo is expected soon:
Set in a bizarre imaginary world, Just Die Already sees competitors of the more senior persuasion completing outrageous challenges in order to reserve their place in the World’s Nicest Retirement Home. A Mayhem Sandbox world filled to the brim with crazy tools and contraptions, it’s a game in which players – either solo or with up to three friends – can delight in the experimental, working out ever more incredible ways to secure the game’s fabled golden tickets.

“When we started making the game, there wasn’t all this going on,” says Armin Ibrisagic, gesturing around at all the global craziness. “So it does feel a little weird introducing such a ridiculous, over-the-top sandbox game when the world is so grim at the moment. That said, maybe supergluing a rocket pack to the back of an octogenarian and sending him flying into a construction site just to see what happens is the type of escape we all need right now?”

Just Die Already will be releasing on PC in the Summer, but players won’t have too long to wait before they can escape to the game’s crazy world themselves. A demo version will be available on Steam shortly, with players able to Wishlist now in order to be notified of the game’s release.